Purize Kingsize Rainbow Papers Single

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So you don't go crazy: Our PURIZE® King Size papers with 42 leaves! 
You want the best burning behavior and flavor-free papers? 
You can have them: These king size papers with natural gumming - vegetarian and organic. The paper is therefore unbleached, organic and vegan. The natural fibers ensure that the paper is slightly transparent and burns off particularly well. As the paper is particularly thin, you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to taste.
  • Beste verbrandingsgedrag
  • Naturlijke smaak
  • High quality
Bevat: 42 papers
Design: Rainbow
Verpakking: 26 x 112 x 5 mm
Paper color: Brown
Paper sizes: 44 x 108 mm
Paper thickness: 14 g/m2
Gewicht: 4,80 g
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